Marketing for genuine connections

Because staying top of mind requiresunderstanding|serving|listeningauthentically

To be found and build fond customers, businesses today have to constantly be talking. Such demands easily slip you into marketing monotony talking at customers. 

Our approach is strategic, whole-person communications to help you add true value to your prospects’ lives and clearly share the differentiators that others already love about you.


Wou is the card box app that collects and analyzes words of affirmation from others to embrace unique strengths, grow in confidence, and help others do the same.

Email Prospecting

Win true fans from third-party lists by serving up whole-person value and clear offers. One-time automation and/or ongoing campaigns according to your business goals.

Brand Development

Strategically sift through your business’s greatest strengths and develop a clear personality that builds trust and affinity.

Social Media

Have a consistent plan full of value-add content and ways to connect with your followers. Humanize your brand and reveal who you uniquely are beyond just your business and services.


Design Thinking

Guide your team through strategic problem-solving sessions that are fun, uniting, and creative. 

Wou Workshops

One-hour facilitated Wou Workshop to understand the way in which our brains receive and retain positive affirmation and acquire personal habits to live out a life that aligns with our strengths and genius.

You will learn how to:


Gain clarity around strengths and unique genius


Pinpoint discarded beliefs and dismissed compliments


Learn habits to cultivate confidence and self-acceptance


Maximize personal & professional influence by helping others see themselves positively

The Importance of Affirmations

Since the Pandemic, over 1/3 of Americans report an ongoing sense of loneliness. (Loneliness in America, Harvard, 2021).

Recent studies continue to reveal that Americans are experiencing alarming rates of chronic stress and loneliness. After 3 years of chronic stress, disconnect and new demands, we’re emotionally dislocated and needing pathways back to ourselves and others.


The road back to connection starts with a new perspective of what is already around us – positive relationships and affirming clues to our unique impact in life. To do such an inventory requires understanding the way in which our brains receive and retain positive affirmation and habits to live out a life that aligns with our strengths and genius.

A key to self-connection and confidence is knowing our unique value; yet, we go through life losing track of positive feedback emails, stuffing letters in a shoebox, and forgetting the compliments we receive – the very things that could help us define our unique value.

With Wou, the best of you is with you everywhere you go.

…for those quick uplifting moments, inner work, or major life transitions.

Wou is on a mission to create a movement of compliments to empower the underdog in us all!

When we behold and believe compliments, we begin to surpass our self-ceilings and begin a new relationship with ourselves. That changes everything and every relationship.

Kadi Carroll, Founder/CEO

What others are saying

Opening the app to look through my library has helped relieve my anxiety and brightened my day several times.

– Olivia, App User

Helpful, practical, hilarious, inspiring, challenging. I could’ve stayed longer for sure.

– Workshop Attendee

I save compliments, because they help me see what I can’t see. Especially in seasons when I feel lost and alone.

– Kelsey


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