how to find your sacred few

by | Jan 3, 2023

Our “sacred few” are the people that can take the rawest version of who we are today and who we hope to become in the future.

This year, what are the connections that need prioritizing? Who are the sacred few that give us exponential source of power in the ways we need it the most? Here is how to uncover it. . .  

Step 1
Envision your life in 10-12 years. Write down all the things you hope to be true then. 
💭 What do you do?
💭 Where are you living?
💭 How do you spend your time?
💭 Who is around you?
💭 What have you accomplished?
💭 What do people know you for?

Save it in a safe place. Load it into Wou as a “to me from me.” You’re going to be glad you have it over and over again. But here was the real “aha” for me. 

Step 2
Who do you feel comfortable sending it to?

[Gulp] I know, it’s really personal. I’m not sure I fully believe it’s all possible for me, much less do I want to open myself up to rejection or “yeah rights” from others. 

But I bet you someone, maybe several someones, came to mind. You trust they will take you seriously. They will believe in you and encourage you. They won’t mock you or think you’re crazy. They won’t keep you bound by past mistakes or current limitations.

Got them in mind? Notice how it makes you feel to think about that person(s). 

Step 3
Pass it on and build intention into the connection. Here’s how:

  • Tell them they were the person that came to mind. This is one heck of a compliment.
  • Ask them if you can send your vision so you’re not at it alone. If it feels too personal, skip for now or share just one excerpt. 
  • Prioritize time regularly with that person/people.